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Violence & Bullying Prevention

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A Nonprofit 501 (c) (3) Organization and Public Charity

Our Mission: “To bring about a ten-percent reduction in youth violence, bullying, and abuse, through volunteerismeducation, and teamwork and the improve the health of children and youth.”

When YouthAlert! (YA!) performs any of its programs, it sets up a YouthAlert! (YA!) Equality Kindness Group (EKG) Chapter.
These are national official youth groups by age level created by YouthAlert! (YA!) where youth of all ages can discuss equality and kindness or any other issue under the rules of equality and kindness.

This is a behavior training program and a safe place for all youth to discuss any topic while youth build each others self-esteem and give each youth respect.

For information on YouthAlert! (YA!) Equality Kindness Group (EKG) Chapters email or call 859.494.3677