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A Nonprofit 501 (c) (3) Organization and Public Charity

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Our Mission: “To bring about a ten-percent reduction in youth violence and bullying, and improve the health and safety of children and youth, through volunteerismeducation, and teamwork.”


YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youth Initiative

"Youth Raising the Bar in their School and Community"

YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youth are youth volunteers ages 10 to 24, who learn peacemaking and leadership skills at a very high level and standard. One of the purposes of YouthAlert (YA!) events and programs is to recruit YouthAlert (YA!) Model Youth and train them into being YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youths Initiative leaders. Youths who will raise the bar of community and service in their neighborhood, be an active part of YouthAlert! (YA!) Programs and can duplicate the YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youth Initiative elsewhere.  YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youths are teamed with adult mentors.


YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youths are youths who understand peace, shared responsibility, live healthily lifestyles, volunteerism, diplomacy, directing others in a group, self-exanimation, personal growth, life planning, organization, teamwork, and collaboration.


To graduate from the YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youth Initiative, a youth will be required to partake in a wide variety of positive social engagement and healthy youth development activities including mentoring other youths in Kentucky. Steps to become a YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youth Initiative leader.


     -Entry/Registration, Application Form with References


     -Guided Leadership Classes and Anti-Violence Course Completion


     -Testing for Understanding and Competency


     -Internship Service Hours under Adult Supervision


              a) mentoring

              b) mediation

              c) community organization

              d) conflict resolution

              e) case management 

              f) public speaking...on topic, etc.

       -Graduation (Award ceremony and certificate)  


It takes 18 weeks to complete one initial training cycle in the YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youth Initiative.

 YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youth Meeting/Seminar

YouthAlert! a NonProfit 501 (c) (3) Charity is looking for adult and youth volunteers/mentors to meet. YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youth Initiative. The meeting/seminar is a two-hour panel discussion, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM with two panels. Both youth and adults can discuss any issue that is important to them.  A YouthAlert! (YA!)  moderator will have a list of questions for both panels. Both panels can confer and meet before answering questions. 

           WEKU Richmond Kentucky YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youth Mentoring Initiative Article April 22, 2014



YouthAlert! (YA!) Announces “YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youth Initiative”

Lexington, KY April 21, 2014…YouthAlert! (YA!) a Kentucky Nonprofit 501 (c) (3) Public Charity, has announced the YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youth Initiative. These are teams of youth and adult volunteers that will help teach and mentor youths in Kentucky using the over 30 hours of video from the five YouthAlert! (YA!) A free Youth Violence Prevention Event & Forum. These are live and public events that have taken place in Lexington, Kentucky and Louisville Kentucky in 2013 and 2014. Information from these YouthAlert! (YA!) Events include various violence prevention information and awareness and prevention of additional youth health issues. YouthAlert! (YA!) aims to “Protect the whole youth an nothing but the youth” (c).

YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youths will bring this information directly, and individually, to youths in Kentucky with extra attention given to youth ages 12 to 17, males and minorities. “YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youth”  volunteers will be selected by YouthAlert! (YA!), other community youth groups, and administrators in the juvenile justice system, will also be asked to participate. All services offered by the “YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youth Initiative ” will be free. In addition to being teachers, and mentors to other youths, “YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youth” volunteers will also learn important leadership and peace building skills.The goal of this effort, as with all the initiatives of YouthAlert! (YA!), is to help facilitate a TEN PERCENT reduction in all violence in Kentucky annually. 

Youths interested in volunteering in the "YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youth Initiative", or those interested in sponsoring a “YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youth" can email, call 859.299.0547 Ext. 23, or mail us, at YouthAlert! (YA!), PO Box 11037, Lexington, KY 40512-1037.

CONTACT - Douglas A. Wain, Executive Director

Tel 859-299-0547 Ext. 23